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Welcome to Another Planet Online

At Another Planet we are proud and delighted to have won the award for Distributor of the Year (Top 25) in the £500k-£1m category in 2023, for the sixth year running!

With over 250 companies competing in our category, and nearly 2650 promotional product companies in total across the country, we recognise how loudly this award speaks about the outstanding service we provide. We pride ourselves on the strong and lasting relationships we nurture with clients and manufacturers, and see this award as recognition of that diligent work.   


In addition to our service, we are market leaders in the supply of truly sustainable promotional merchandise. There has been a lot of greenwashing in our industry for many years, but we have sought out the very best manufacturers, with carefully controlled supply chains, to help ensure your branded merchandise is certifiably sustainable. Please contact Steve on 07769 582766 or by email at steve@anotherplanetonline.com for more details.

Want to see some fresh sustainable ideas? Please click here


Promotional products aren't rocket science, but this simple concept has proven power to position your brand on the desk or in the working envoironment of your target market.

No other advertising medium can be so specifically targeted. Take a look around you at work and you will see useful tools for your day-to-day life, all fulfilling their functional purpose, whilst also showcasing stylish branding, and re-enforcing  the originators identity in your mind, every time you see it.


At Another Planet, our product is not the many thousands of innovative ideas you'll see on our website, but is the way we supply them to you. Please take a look at our mission - that's our product.

If you just want a thousand pens with no questions asked, we can help, but we'd rather buy you a coffee or lunch, get to know you and your business, understand what you want to achieve through promotional products, and work with you, as part of your team, to make that happen.  

To speak to us straight away please call Steve on 07769 582766 or Angela on 07766 880994, and we'll help in any way we can.

Alternatively, please email us at: steve@anotherplanetonline.com or angela@anotherplanetonline.com

We look forward to hearing from you.

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